Hailing from San Jose, California, The Doobie Brothers are a hugely successful rock and roll band who experienced a tremendous amount of success across their five-decade run, finding their peak in the 1970s. The band’s career can be easily divided into three main eras: the first was with vocalist Tom Johnson. During this time, The Doobie Brothers were a straightforward rock band with some folk and R&B influences. After Johnson’s departure, the group recruited Steely Dan’s, Michael McDonald. With McDonald at the helm, The Doobie Brothers took a sharp left turn into a soul-inspired sound until their breakup in 1982. The third era is marked by a reunion with Johnson, the incarnation that remains today, though McDonald still drops in for some contributions here and there. The Doobie Brothers, across all versions, were known for their multi-part vocal harmonies. With a Grammy Award for Album of the Year under their belt, The Doobie Brothers continue to tour today.

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