DMB blasted it way into the pop music scene in the 1990s with an ambitious mix of jazz, folk and world music. It was never a singer-songwriter backing band, despite its repertoire of songs written by Matthews. The musicians he recruited in Charlottesville, Virginia, where the bandleader tended bar, was his collaborators and they formed a tight unit. After coming to the US to avoid serving in apartheid South Africa's army, it was fitting that the band was interracial. A white native of Johannesburg, South Africa, Dave became known for playing anti-apartheid events all over the world. His band found the living pulse of the 90s pop music scene and at one point had a string of six consecutive number 1 debuts. Following In the tradition of jam bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish, the Dave Matthews Band let their fans record and circulate tapes of their live performances.

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