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The Backstreet Boys are a vocal group from Orlando, Florida who found tremendous success in the late 90s with the rise of the “boy band.” Their self-titled debut in 1996 is one of the most commercially successful debut albums of all time. But it wasn’t until the release of 1999’s Millennium that the Backstreet Boys reached absolute superstardom. Catering to the desires of teenage girls everywhere, the Backstreet Boys and their picture-perfect looks and crisp, synchronized dance numbers became one of the most iconic bands of the boy band era. Not only are they the highest-selling boy band ever, but they are also the only boy band to have their first nine albums debut in the Billboard 200’s top 10. And though the age of boy bands has come to an end, the Backstreet Boys’ blend of catchy vocal hooks with R&B influences have given them some lasting power with the band continuing to tour and release music in 2019.

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