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Darrell Lance Abbott, otherwise known as Dimebag Darrel, was the guitarist for legendary thrash metal act, Pantera. Born in Arlington, Texas as the son of a country musician, Dimebag Darrell got his start playing guitar when he was 12 years old. Quickly, Darrell became one of the best guitar players the world has ever seen. Upon forming Pantera alongside his brother, drummer Vinnie Abbott, Darrell went on to pioneer the “groove-metal” genre, which included his extremely distinct guitar playing style. After Pantera broke up, Dimebag Darrell and his brother started the band Damageplan, picking up where Pantera left off. Unfortunately, Dimebag Darrell’s revolutionary career never reached the heights that it possibly could have after his life was cut short after he was shot onstage during a Damageplan show in 2004. He was and still is highly respected by guitarists everywhere.

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