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One of the most defining franchises in the history of sports film, Rocky is a rags-to-riches story about Rocky Balboa. Rocky is an everyman growing up in Philadelphia. Not very smart, but very kind-hearted and passionate, these movies show Rocky’s gradual climb from working as a debt collector for a loan shark to becoming the greatest boxer of his generation. The first film was a sleeper hit, blowing up in the box office and earning 3 Oscar awards. The franchise has grown to include seven sequels and turned writer/star Sylvester Stallone into a household name. Rocky will always remain as one of the most important characters in American cinema, showing that anybody with heart, determination, and the eye of the Tiger can overcome any obstacle and find success. Today, a large statue of Rocky sits in front of the Rocky Steps in Philly while Sylvester Stallone himself earned a spot in the International Boxing Hall of Fame for the role.

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