The Beach Boys are one of the most successful and influential American rock bands of all time. Originally formed by a trio of brothers in Brian, Dennis, and Carl Wilson and managed by their father, The Beach Boys built their sound on the image of Southern California culture of youth, including surfing, cars, and young love. This sound would later take on the title of the “California Sound” and has permeated a lot of different genres of music as time has passed. After 1964, the band moved away from these themes to focus on more creative lyrical and orchestral elements. Their album Pet Sounds in 1966 was one of the most experimental albums to have ever been released, propelling itself and the Beach Boys into the stratosphere of The Beatles. Over time, the lineup has shifted and moved around drastically, but the original quintet remains one of the best selling, most influential bands in America, having been inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1988.

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