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The ironically named Joy Division started as a punk band from Greater Manchester. Taking inspiration from fellow UK punk act, The Sex Pistols, Joy Division quickly carved out their niche in the genre, becoming one of the pioneers of the post-punk movement. While punk rock in the late 70s drew mostly from anger, Joy Division’s music was decidedly sad rather than angry. While the band was huge to the post-punk movement, they also helped to form what would eventually become emo music. After only two albums, 1979’s Unknown Pleasures and 1980’s Closer, the band was set to finally make their debut live appearance to American audiences. Shortly before the band was scheduled to leave for this tour, vocalist Ian Curtis committed suicide, prompting the band to split up. While Joy Division might have been a short-lived project, the band was hugely influential in many different styles of music...Take some time to browse our collection of Joy Division t-shirts.