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Have you ever wondered how you can be sure that the Jimi Hendrix signed guitar or John Lennon autograph you saw online or at an auction for a local charity was the real thing? Chances are it wasn’t. Along with the popularity of music memorabilia, now worth billions of dollars...

Music Memorabilia: History You Can Hear, Touch, See and Own

Music Memorabilia: History You Can Hear, Touch, See and Own
Music Memorabilia is big business these days. Once there were collectors who sought and paid reasonable sums of money for truly rare items that came to have historical interest but the market was limited. Some of Stephen Foster’s hand-written scores purchased by wealthy private collectors eventually made their way to...

A Brief History of the Rock T-Shirt Market

A Brief History of the Rock T-Shirt Market
T-shirts are humble garments that have outgrown their beginnings as underwear to become part of the uniform of youth all over the world. Rock t-shirts have become a significant player in the music memorabilia market, especially collectibles, and vintage t-shirts, which fetch high prices and increase in value very quickly...

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You like rock music. How could you not? With its huge guitars, catchy choruses, and pounding drums, rock music has always been an essential part of our history. But rock and roll is more than just music. Rock and roll is an attitude, a lifestyle. It doesn’t care what you think. Rock and roll does what it wants when it wants. It marches to the beat of its own double-bass drum. How are you supposed to express to the world your undying allegiance to this in-your-face, do-what-I-want lifestyle?

We at are here to help. We have rock t-shirts, band t-shirts, concert t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, jackets, and everything in between featuring all of your favorite bands. From Metallica to the Rolling Stones to Green Day and many, many more, Rocker Tee has everything you need to show your support to a variety of artists. But it’s more than just clothing. We have tons of memorabilia from some of the most prominent artists in the history of rock music. Adding this to your collection will show people just how well-versed you are in the finer intricacies of rock and roll’s unique history.

But we don’t want to just live in the past. Our team of writers brings you an in-depth look at a variety of subjects, from breaking news to a reflective look at significant bands. They will bring you interviews with vinyl collectors, detailed histories of important artwork in rock’s storied past, and update you on some of the latest and greatest bands.

Whether you’re a collector, a reader, or just a good, old fashioned rocker, we at Rocker Tee are here for you. So sit down, browse the site, and find whatever it is you are looking for.


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