Johnny Cash Unisex Tee: The Man in Black (Burn Out) (XX-Large)
Johnny Cash Unisex Tee: American Rebel (XX-Large)
Johnny Cash Unisex Tee: Mug Shot (XX-Large)
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Johnny Cash Mug Shot T-Shirt
Johnny Cash Country Rock N Roll T-Shirt
Johnny Cash Cash Faded T-Shirt
There is an iconic tee-shirt in the Rocker Tee collection that shows Johnny Cash giving us the finger in a rather flamboyant way, it’s doubtful that the rebellious image it communicates is quite as popular with his more pious fans, but there is no question that it helped create a public image that made rock fans appreciate the Man in Black. He became more than just a successful performer. He became an institution we could measure in terms of record sales and awards. His career arc stretched from being signed and recorded by Sam Phillips in the 50s to the unexpected “American Recordings” he made with Rick Rubin, who co-founded Def Jam Records with Russell Simmons. His music memorabilia will touch the memories of music fans for decades to come.