The American rock band Buckcherry is often thought to have come up with their name in homage to Chuck Berry, but the original members of the group insisted that they took it from a drag queen they knew who used it as a stage moniker. The band has had many influences: AC/DC, Van Halen, Aerosmith and hard other rockers that it doesn't really matter. They've listened to them all. Because of the many personnel changes they have gone through over the years, what can be said is they never seem to make the same album twice. After they launched the band and and released two albums, the band went on hiatus for a few years and achieved greater success than they had in the beginning. They have become a well-known standby in the  hard rock and metal scene and their fans expect the unexpected. With a half a dozen LPs under their belts, the band has produced a long series of songs that carry on the tradition of hard rock at its most basic. One of their signature songs, "Crazy Bitch" cracked the Billboard top 100 for them in 1999 and they received a nomination for Best Hard Rock performance at the  49th annual Grammy Awards. Known for high energy live performances, they show little sign of slowing down. "

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