Bring Me The Horizon is an inventive rock band that formed in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, the United Kingdom in 2004. The industrial town has long been associated with steel manufacturing. The band, led by charismatic frontman Oliver Sykes, was considered part of the deathcore scene in the beginning. But since the release of their first full-length album, Count Your Blessings, in 2007 they have experimented with an eclectic mix of styles that take a somewhat more melodic approach. Recently, with That's the Spirit, a recording that both marks and underlines the shift, they have played music that seems very well suited to venues like the Royal Albert Hall, where string sections and a full orchestra don't seem out of place. Live at the Royal Albert Hall has drawn the attention of a global audience on their recently released DVD of the same name. Their current sound features evidence of their interest in classical, electronica, progressive rock, post-rock, dubstep, and a more inventive side of pop music.
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