Black Veil Brides Unisex Beanie Hat: Winged Logo
Black Veil Brides Unisex Beanie Hat: BVB Logo

Black Veil Brides are a rock band from Hollywood, and it shows. With a flair for the dramatic, this band, led by vocalist Andy Biersack, harkens back to the 80s glam metal heyday. Black Veil Brides take the stage decked in head-to-toe skintight black outfits, complete with full makeup and the wildest hair imaginable. Looking like they would fit right in on a bill with Motley Crue or KISS, Black Veil Brides is one of the most exciting bands of the 21st century. While their sound has changed throughout their five studio albums, their lyrical dedication to supporting those who feel like outcasts have remained.

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