Tupac Shakur's Hummer Recently Sold For Over $200,000

Tupac Shakur's H1 Hummer has been sold at auction for $206,531 and for much less than expected.

The legendary rapper's vehicle was previously auctioned for $337,144 but the sale didn’t close, so the same less known auction company put it back on the block for its online Pop Culture auction last week.

The Hummer was bought by Tupac less than a month before he died in 1996. He had it beautifully customized with a list of features that included oversized tires, an external PA system, custom interior wood and leather trim, roof-mounted lights, and the name “Eliminator” on its rear fenders.

The Hummer became the possession of Tupac's  mother after his passing and was later awarded in a sweepstake held by BET. The SUV has just over 10,000 miles on the odometer, and this will be the first time this great piece of music memorabilia will change hands since then.

The Hummer was purchased by a Baltimore-based businessman who wishes to remain anonymous.



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