Netflix Announces Bruce Springsteen Special

Netflix released a trailer for its digital version of New Jersey rock star Bruce Springsteen’s massively successful Broadway show. The special, which will be released on December 16, gives those who missed the Broadway show another opportunity to witness the Boss’s unique one-man show. Netflix describes Springsteen on Broadway as

Bruce Springsteen shares personal stories from his life and acoustic versions of some of his best-known songs in an intimate one-man show.

One of the most iconic rock and roll musicians of all time, a lot of Bruce Springsteen’s success stems from his relatability as a simple, down-to-earth guy through songs like “Born to Run,” “Born in the USA,” and other songs without the word “Born” in the title. Through his stage show, which received three extensions due to the amount of sold-out shows during its original run, Springsteen, along with his wife, Patti Scialfa, is able to share personal stories about his childhood, the early days of his fame, and everything that helped to shape him into the worldwide phenomenon he is today.

This show sees Springsteen at his most casual, taking moments in between stories to play some of his hit songs. This stripped-down, laid-back approach is most certainly atypical of traditional Broadway theater, yet Springsteen seems to be right at home while completely changing the status quo.

Dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans, a silent rebellion against the over-the-top costumes that one might expect to find on Broadway, with a matching guitar and a harmonica around his neck, Springsteen explores a new type of concert format, one that is less entertainment and more casual conversation amongst friends. This format is stark in contrast to the leader of the E Street Band’s typical shows, which are often long, high-energy performances. By scaling back the level of performance he puts up, the spotlight is not held by Springsteen himself, but rather by the words he says and the stories they form. In the end, they are what makes Springsteen who he truly is.



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