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Roger Waters At Home By Barrie Wentzell

  • Roger Waters Original Photograph By Barrie Wentzell - Music Memorabilia

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Roger Waters At Home By Barrie Wentzell

“Music is my religion.” Jimi Hendrix ~


Roger Waters, at home, Islington, London, 1970

Limited Edition, Black and White, 16" x 20" Silver Gelatin Photograph Signed By Barrie Wentzell

"I was with Mick Watts, the writer from theMelody Maker doing an interview with Roger in this rather dark and cramped basement flat, illuminated only by one small window looking out onto the backyard. We were sitting round the kitchen table talking, I was taking pictures and Roger was in deep thought about something and about to speak when a black cat suddenly jumped up on the table, sat down and stared intently out of the window. A few seconds later another cat jumped up joined the first and then a third. Then as Roger turned to see what they were observing so intently, ‘snap’, I got this picture." -- Barrie Wentzell


Barrie was born on May 25, 1942 in Durham, northern England

In 1965, a chance encounter with the legendary Diana Ross launched a young Barrie Wentzell into a life of music photography. The photograph he took of this soon to be renowned musical super-star became a compelling front cover of England’s most well known music publication The Melody Maker. The image of Diana Ross captured the attention of Bob Houston who was the assistant editor of The Melody Maker at the time. He reached out to Barrie and invited him to join the publication as the exclusive chief photographer.

During Barrie's history with the publication, he photographed many gifted musical artists who went on to become rock ‘n’ roll legends. Renowned musicians such as Count Basie, Aretha Franklin, Louis Armstrong, Little Richard, Joan Baez, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bob Dylan and rock icons such as Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Band, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, The Kinks, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and many others.

Barrie photographed for The Melody Maker from 1965 until 1975 and today resides in Toronto Canada.