Jay Blakesberg is one of the leading American photographers associated with the rock music scene. As a suburban teenager, he borrowed his father’s Pentax camera to take photos at concerts in New Jersey, his home state.  Because of his obvious talent, he was able to begin a lifelong career in music photography. His photographs have been collected in several books, including "Guitars That Jam—Portraits of the world's most storied rock guitars" and, most recently, “Hippie Chick: A Tale of Love, Devotion & Surrender,” which celebrates the “free-spirited women who are inspired by, and help inspire, live music.” 

Jerry Garcia Portrait
Jerry Garcia Portrait From $450.00
Jerry Garcia
Jerry Garcia From $450.00
Jerry Garcia And David Grisman
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Dave Matthews Band
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The Rolling Stones by Jay Blakesberg  San Francisco 2002
Rolling Stones From $550.00
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Guitars That Jam - Portraits of the world's most storied rock guitars