Cohead and Cambria Unisex Tee: Ambelina (Retail Pack) (XX-Large)
Cohead and Cambria Unisex Tee: Dragonfly (Retail Pack) (XX-Large)

Coheed and Cambria is a hard rock band from Nyack, New York, led by frontman Claudio Sanchez. While their music itself is a unique blend of hard rock and metal elements, what truly sets Coheed and Cambria aside from other rock artists is the overarching story across their albums. All of their records, except 2015’s The Color Before the Sun, have been connecting concept albums. These albums all revolve around the science fiction story, The Amory Wars, created by Sanchez himself. This tale sets all of Coheed’s records in one shared universe, each album exploring different aspects of the story as a whole. Coheed and Cambria have won multiple MTV awards, along with the Metal Hammer Award for Best Album for their album Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness.

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